America’s Decision 2020; And The Winner Is: Fidelity To Truth, Not Skin Color or Fear of The Other Side

Yes, “Truth” actually matters and there are absolute truths.

  1. For the nation to get back to “normal way of life”, significant mitigation of the spread of this deadly Coronavirus must occur. 90% to 95% of Americans must wear mask outdoors, social distance and wash their hands frequently.
  2. The 7.95 million infections and 217,000 deaths from SARS-CoV-2 are real, mostly preventable and by and large, they are due to a bungled response at the national level.
  3. The most expensive and most sophisticated healthcare system in the world is profoundly inefficient, inequitable, seriously underperforming and needs significant non-ideological retooling.
  4. Exponents of fear of the other side, “Beware”. Stoking people’s fears grounded in disinformation can only go so far. Indeed it may come back to hunt and bite you.

Why the emphasis on “Truth”, the reader may ask?

Full disclosure; I do not bear the stamp of so-called liberal or conservative. I am a registered, politically fierce independent.



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Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.

Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.

Neurosurgeon. Founder, Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch(PACAW Inc) Author: RESCUE THYSELF: Change In Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come From Within