Does Underdevelopment in Sub-Saharan Africa Undermine Racism Mitigation In The African Diaspora?

Photo by Joshua Naidoo on Unsplash

Africans/Descendants and The Rest

A long standing and complex deep wound in the African Diaspora is the issue of “Racism”. The voices on this issue span a wide spectrum. There are those who would rather not talk about it and there are those at the other end of the discourse who talk about it daily.

There is however another potent, rarely discussed candidate for this pervasive abasement of people of African descent. It is the profundity of poor development and misery in post-independent Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa. A baffling and inexplicable situation, given the enormous natural and human resources of the region.

Why is this factor so important?

Because the moment many non-Africans see a “Black folk”, the image that is registered in their eyes and minds is that of Africa.

Who should lead the charge to remedy the situation?

When we look at human history, the ascent or descent of people’s wellbeing, whether individuals, communities, cities or nations has always originated from within. This is particularly true of independent entities.

The Role of Concerned non-Africans

We all live our lives understandably concerned mainly with the wellbeing of family members and kitchen table matters.

Aid to Africa will yield the greatest return when it goes to those entities engaged in transforming the mindset of Africans to “Build it yourself”; and awakening them, especially the youths, to sharpen their imagination.

A few million dollars invested in mindset transformation, fierce pursuit of knowledge and polishing the imagination will bear far more fruit than the more than 1 trillion dollars in foreign Aid to the continent in the last 50 to 60 years.



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Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.

Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.

Neurosurgeon. Founder, Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch(PACAW Inc) Author: RESCUE THYSELF: Change In Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come From Within