Racism: The Elusive Quest For Justice And The Inhumanity of Police Brutality in USA

Race and Bias: The Necessity To Recondition The Mindset of The Population.

The stunning thing about misconception of race in USA is that the evidence is so clear that there is only one human race. Yet, many scholars including some scientists, leaders across the spectrum and large segments of the population cling tenaciously to the idea of human races. Widespread education regarding the truth about the concept of race must be instituted and led by scientists.

Combatting Stereotypes and Misconceptions about “Races” In Early Age.

Would training in ethnic and cultural sensitivity and changes in laws to assure greater police accountability have prevented the unwarranted death of George Floyd and other African-Americans whose lives were similarly ended prematurely? Maybe and maybe not.

The Color-Coding of Human Populations Should Be Discarded

One thing that should be seriously examined in the effort to mitigate “racism” is the color-coding of human beings. The current vocabulary of grouping of human beings must change. This issue should be addressed boldly. Yes, it is challenging and some people may consider it unrealistic. But it should not be ignored.

Changing The Vocabulary of Grouping of Human Beings.

It is time to consider referring to Americans using their continental origin, linguistic origin, or regional origin. It is far more historically truthful and less prejudicial to use the terms African-Americans, Anglo-Americans or European-Americans instead of ‘blacks’ and ‘whites’ respectively.

  1. Scientists and researchers.
  2. Parents.
  3. Politicians.
  4. Pastors, Imams and Rabbi.
  5. Professionals including medical personnel, people in legal and engineering fields and musicians.
  6. Celebrities.

Long Term Consequences of Inaction or Feeble Actions.

Hopefully, the powers that be in various sectors in the USA would seriously consider the suggestions in this article and take action. The following is a historical context regarding the profound injustice and dehumanization which extrapolation of skin color as the essential nature of any human being can provoke.

Before going into the peculiarities of their diseases, it is necessary to glance at the anatomical and physiological differences between the negro and the white man; otherwise their diseases cannot be understood. It is commonly taken for granted, that the color of the skin constitutes the main and essential difference between the black and the white race; but there are other differences more deep, durable and indelible, in their anatomy and physiology, than that of mere color.Besides, it is not only in the skin, that a difference of color 
exists between the negro and white man, but in the membranes,the muscles the fluids and secretions.

Even the negro's brain and nerves, the chyle and all the humors, are tinctured with a shade of the pervading darkness. His bile is of a deeper color and his blood is blacker than the white man's.
There is the same difference in the flesh of the white and black man, in regard to color, that exists between the flesh of the rabbit and the hare. His bones are whiter and harder than those of the white race, owing to their containing more phosphate of lime and less gelatine.



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Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.

Sylvanus A AYENI, M.D.


Neurosurgeon. Founder, Pan Africa Children Advocacy Watch(PACAW Inc) www.pacaw.org. Author: RESCUE THYSELF: Change In Sub-Saharan Africa Must Come From Within