Writing In Faith: Inspiration From All-Time Greats With Severe Chronic Physical Impairments

Unknown engraver after Hubbard, Work-School for the Blind, Euston Road. Engraving (published in Illustrated London News, 24 April 1858). Credit: Chronicle / Alamy Stock Photo.

That is why one should view in awe, and should be deeply inspired by these iconic writers considering the staggering scenes and milieu in which they delivered their masterpieces.

Writing In Faith Without Physical Sight




Indeed, some of his most joyful passages were reportedly composed when his health was at its worst.

Frances Ridley Havergal

Inspirations From This Quartet And Similar Minds

So, keep writing — no matter what — and keep inspiring hundreds, thousands and just maybe millions of our fellow humankind including generations yet unborn!!!



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